Our Mission

Give internet control and safety back to human beings

Who is Kasada?

Kasada has been operating globally since 2015 and trusted by enterprises worldwide. With our Kasada solution, even the stealthiest cyber threats are foiled, from login to data-scraping across web, mobile, and API channels. Kasada’s solution invisibly defends and enhances critical business assets while ensuring optimal online activity, with immediate and lasting online traffic security.
Kasada is based in New York and Sydney, with offices in Melbourne, San Francisco, and London.

Leadership team

We encourage innovation that challenges conventional wisdom and simplifies complexity. Meet the team foiling malicious automation.
Sam Crowther

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Pascal Podvin
Chief Executive Officer

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Nick Rieniets
Field Chief Technology Officer

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Simone Archbold
Director of Customer Support

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David Turner
Head of Engineering

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Jonathon Hope
Product Strategy

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Andrew Swett
Senior VP Sales

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DC Cullinane
Vice President of Sales - US

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Mike Romans
Sales Director - ANZ

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Neil Cohen
Chief Marketing Officer

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The Kasada Difference


The threat of automated attacks spans across all divisions of a business. Kasada ensures that your customers, competitive information, and brand will be protected from malicious automation.


Simplicity is just as important as efficacy. Kasada is a cloud-based service that easily implements within minutes and offers an embedded, immersive 24/7 customer support via an “always on” chat channel, putting no extra maintenance burden on your internal team.


Enterprise and mid-sized companies in all industries around the world trust Kasada to keep their web, mobile, and API channels secure.
The people behind the solution truly set Kasada apart. At Kasada we pride ourselves on bringing passionate people together.

“Not only do Kasada have the world’s leading technical solution to the problem of bots, they also have an exceptional team behind the scenes. That combination makes a significant difference to us.”
Regan MacDonald, Group IT, True Alliance Group

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