Winning the war on bots

Who is Kasada?

Kasada is an innovative enterprise cyber-security company operating globally with offices in Australia, the US and the UK. Kasada has been leading the fight against bots since 2015, with novel approaches and cloud-based technology. Kasada detects and mitigates the maelstrom of malicious traffic that other security platforms can’t.

Our vision

Kasada will be the best by any measure at stopping automated attacks. This enables our customers to provide fast, seamless and secure online services.


Enterprise security is not optional. Insecure sites and assets create risk for site owners and visitor alike. Preemption trumps remediation – our solutions ban bots BEFORE they exploit company and client bandwidth and data.


Security solutions must not be difficult to deploy nor should they degrade the end-user experience.


Whether your company needs to protect a simple web property or to secure a multi-billion dollar e-commerce site with hundreds of thousands of visitors and global content distribution, Kasada can meet the challenge.
Kasada is recognized for its passionate developers and customer success advocates. We’re looking for the right people to make a difference.

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