How much of your
traffic is human?

Attackers use automated bots to steal your valuable content,
break into user accounts, and overload your servers.
Customer Case Study
How Kasada helps True Alliance protect it's e-commerce
from malicious attacks

Protection from Automated Threats

Amongst the biggest dangers for online businesses. Bot attacks defeat traditional security controls.
Denial of Service
Bot networks overload your servers, lock out customers and disrupt your business.
Content Scraping
Bots extract content from HTML and APIs to undercut your pricing and service.
Account Takeover
Bots use stolen IDs to access accounts, commit fraud and damage your business.

Our Product

Bot detection and mitigation for enterprise web applications.
Kasada strengthens your security, improves customer service and delivers bottomline savings.
Bot visibility

See all components of your traffic – good bots, bad bots and humans.

Bot mitigation

Stop the bots before they reach your site and web applications.

Easy to use

Integrates easily with CDNs and DNS to make onboarding simple. Access powerful dashboards, analysis tools and simple configuration.

Built to scale

Scalable architecture that can handle 1000s of requests per second.

“Onboarding with Kasada was quick and it worked out of the box.”
CISO at Multi-Billion Dollar Online Bookmaker

Why choose Kasada?

Improve security

Stop automated attacks

Protect against account takeover, content scraping and denial of service. Stop impacting user experience and site performance.

Get protected quickly

Onboard in minutes. No more tweaking rules, ongoing configuration or mistakes.

Keep ahead of attackers

Stop playing security catch-up. Access threat intel and powerful analysis tools.

Improve user experience

Keep users happy

Stop asking humans if they’re human. Automatically validate site users and block bad bots.

Improve site and app response

Use Kasada to take out disruptive traffic, restore site and app performance, and improve conversion rates.

Protect proprietary data

Be confident that private customer data and your value-added content are protected.

Improve ROI

Cut infrastructure costs

Stop bots consuming your bandwidth. Maximise return on IT spending by lowering datacenter and cloud hosting costs.

Automate and save

Use automation to defeat attackers. And free up resources for value-added customer activities.

Make better decisions

Eliminate distorted metrics caused by bots. Make decisions based on ‘real user’ traffic and web app performance.

Customer Success

Multi billion dollar online gaming company

3,000 User Lockouts Daily Cut to Zero


  • Onboarded customer in 30 minutes
  • Stopped 180k automated logins per hour
  • Prevented verification of 4 million stolen credentials

Leading online fashion distributor

25% Saved on Infrastructure Costs


  • Increased security capabilities
  • Cut employee time spent managing security solutions
  • Prevented bots performing unchecked content scraping

How much of your traffic is human?