Kasada Polyform

Advanced bot detection and defences, made simple.

Simple and easy to use bot detection and mitigation solution for enterprise web applications
Increase your website security by controlling bot activity
Reduce infrastructure costs caused by bots and gain accurate web analytics
See all components of your traffic – good bots, bad bots and humans


Kasada Polyform is built as a highly available cluster of reverse proxies, filtering traffic to your origin server.

Web clients

Kasada Polyform

Origin server

Integrates easily with CDNs and DNS, making onboarding simple and fast.


Core Technologies

Client fingerprinting

Each page-load request is allocated a ‘fingerprint’ prior to browsing your site’s content.

This fingerprint takes into account parameters from the client-side device and browser environment. The server-side HTTP request profile is also taken into account.

This provides:

  • Automatic rate limiting
  • Detection of known and unknown bad bots
  • Whitelisting of good bots such as Google

Browser-based cryptographic challenge

Clients must solve an asymmetric cryptographic challenge as a proof of work for successful form and AJAX data submissions.

The difficulty of the challenge increases exponentially for malicious requests. This results in expensive CPU work for bots.

Request modelling

Threat research and real time request analysis reveal patterns in bot behavior.

Algorithms match requests with a rapidly expanding database of known bad bots.

Polyform Portal

Onboard fast with simple, easy to use configuration. View dashboards to see bad bot, good bot and human traffic to your websites.
Dive deep into analysis and reporting for threat intelligence.

Polyform as a Service

Kasada Polyform protects web applications from automated attacks. It’s available as a subscription service with these features
Automatically scaling and fault-tolerant infrastructure
Advanced bot detection and mitigation
Access to an easy-to-use portal
24/7 performance and threat monitoring
Ongoing development and product enhancements
Support from a high performing team that values your feedback

Getting Started

1. Create your deployment (15 min)

  • We provision your account and infrastructure
  • We send you a user invitation to create an admin user

2. Onboard your site (10 min)

  • Enter the Domain and Origin of the websites you want to protect
  • This includes integration with your existing CDNs

3. Observe your traffic (immediate)

  • Get an overview of your traffic
  • Analyze and understand your top targets

4. Protect your site (immediate)

  • Block bad bot requests
  • Control this on a domain and path basis via simple access-control-list.

How much of your traffic is human?