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Site Reliability Engineer

Full-time | Sydney, Australia


Kasada is quickly establishing itself as a global leader in web security. Founded in Australia in 2015, we have forged a reputation fighting malicious automation.

In effectively and efficiently stopping bad bots, we protect against online theft, fraud and service disruption attempts. Our platform, Kasada Polyform, gives customers unrivaled visibility and security of their web applications.

Leading enterprises across verticals, in Australia and North America, are turning to Kasada because the threat of malicious automation is boundary-less and ever-changing. In delivering security and peace of mind, we enable improved business benefits.

Our platform is more than HTTP header filtering and IP rate limiting. We solve difficult problems on a daily basis on a massive scale. That’s why we’re looking for creative and passionate technologists to join us and help shape the future of web security.

Kasada has attracted $4 million+ from venture capital funds Reinventure (Westpac) and Our Innovation Fund, angel investors, and the Australian Government’s Accelerating Commercialisation Program. Their backing has supported us gaining our pre-eminent position and expand internationally.

The role

We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to work on infrastructure for our web security service. Our current focus is on making our system more scalable and robust to handle extremely high traffic.

  • Experience in site reliability engineering / devops
  • Building high performance sites on the internet, that scale without single points of failure
  • Understanding of complex systems, and the ability to troubleshoot problems on multiple levels (e.g. looking at network traffic, app code, server code, down to the operating systems level)
  • A comprehensive understanding of network protocols across multiple layers

The stack

  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • Various systems written in Python, Go and other languages
  • Redis, Elasticsearch and other data stores

About you

We’re looking for people that have experience with some of these things.  It’s ok if you haven’t used these specific ones. Our environment isn’t what anyone would have run 5 years ago

  • Linux facing a lot of malicious internet traffic
  • Automating everything.
  • Configuration management (e.g. Puppet, Ansible, Chef,  cfengine etc.)
  • nginx / varnish / haproxy / apache etc.
  • Monitoring systems  (e.g. Prometheus / Nagios)
  • CI + CD driven development.  Test all the things.
  • Deploying across cloud providers like AWS or Google Cloud
  • Container orchestration (e.g Kubernetes)
  • Programming in a high level language (e.g. javascript, ruby, python, perl etc)

The offer

We’re a small, close knit team working mainly out of our Sydney office.  We’re sustainably funded. We don’t want to go to work to make snake oil.

  • Your peers are technical and value everyone’s input.
  • Competitive salary with equity.
  • Flexible work arrangements.
  • Work in a cool space with plants and mechanical keyboards close to Central Station.

We look forward to hearing from you!